Fundraiser for Andrew Eldridge
Many of you that are visiting this site already know his story, this is for those who don't.

For the second time during his senior year at Man High School, 17-year-old Andrew Eldridge has received a crushing blow.

First, his mother died

"My whole world was flipped upside down, I was the only one at home" Eldridge said. "My mom was everything."

Now, he says he has been banned from his high school prom for having too many unexcused absences.

"Mrs. Manning said I missed too many days and I can't go," Eldridge said.

Eldridge said he missed more than a week of school due to funeral arrangements, hospital visits and time off. Since his mother's death, Eldridge admits he has missed more since his mother's death, but has been struggling to cope with losing her.

Eldridge is asking administrators to make an exception and allow him to attend his senior prom.

"I wish they would just see in their hearts to let me go because I'm never going to be able to go again," said Eldridge.

Eldridges' mother, Shirley, worked at Man High School for more than 10 years as a custodian

We want Andrew to have one good memory this year. This is where we need your help

Together with his family, we are planning on renting the local public pool and picnic pavilion for a private party. We are going to have a cookout also. We have arranged for a live band and a local disc jockey to donate their services for dancing. Although these people have so graciously donated their time, we still need to raise money for the pool rental fee and food.

We are asking for donations from the people who have supported Andrew during this hard time. Any money left over after all expenses are paid will be given directly to Andrew.

If anyone would like to make a donation by check for the party for Andy you are more than welcome, Put in the memo Andrew Eldridge Donation
Send To:
Joyce Cummings
PO Box 191
Mallory, WV 25634
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